Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today was the best day to date in the pool. Jumped in at about 6.45pm, not many people today, thats very suprising given that the pool has been packed every day the past 2 weeks, cause of the hot weather.

Anyway, did the 1k in about 30 minutes, seems that i'm getting used to this pace. Decided to push abit and continued to do a few more laps, somehow that few laps turned in many many laps and i lost count. Pretty sure i did more that 2k today. Felt good. Arms were ok, the legs were abit tired, should adjust not to use legs too much.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Im really into swimming now. Yesterday, i did my first 10 laps non stop. Took me almost 30 minutes . Not to berlagak, but for a guy that just learned to swim, i think thats damn good !!

Anyway, still no running or cycling, the leg/groin pain still not 100% recorved. The acute pain still comes when i sleep up side down (my face facing the pillow). So, that means the problem is still there.

Was reading blogs of stupe and shazly's, at this time of 2007, they were doing like 50km of run each week and about 100km of ? nothing !
Makes me really wonder how on crap am gonnna get ready for IM09..BUT I KNOW I CAN !!