Thursday, June 26, 2008

Streching !!

No more cardio for me now, atleast for a month. Doing loads of streching excersice now. All together about 17 types of positions. The hardest was streching my hamsting, they're in bad shape, really tight ligaments.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


been resting alot these days, seems that the acute pain getting better. Haven't felt it so often these days.

About the diet, been doin well i guess. Have cut my food portions/intake. Basicly 1 loaf of whole mean bread per day, eating about 2 slices speard with tuna each 3 hours or so. Taking few table spoon of oat meal when ever feel hungry again. Probably kcal intake is less than 1500 perday.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alternative medicine

Im been having some severe acute pain at the joint of my leg and hip, kinda hard to explain where excatly it is. Somehow its near the groin area. Apart of quitting a bad habbit of mine, this acute pain also contributed to my weight gain. This pain only occurs when i lift my legs sideways in certain angel, position and sometimes when i run or bike for a long time (above 30 mins).
I didn't do any cardio workout the part 2 months plus, been doing lots of streaching, hoping the injury would recover. And it did, but not fully, since starting back on the treadmill last week, the pain has been coming back.
So finally, i went to see a chines sen sei this morning. Seems that he is well know among the gym guys. Got there about 9am, and i was suprised, there was a queue, i was No6, and they open at must been good eh?? When it was my trun, i got in the private room, the guy was in his early 50s, pretty young guy, jugding by all the certs that he hung all over the wall.
He was very fast, too my pulse on both arms, took my blood pressure, asked me whats wrong, where it hurts. He just nod his head and said he knows, a very big nerve is tangled/injured. Asked me take off my pants, laid on the bed, rubbed some oilment, and he said that the nerve is too deep inside so he's gonna put a jab, and he did so fast that i couldn't react as i was still trying to understand what he was saying. As i was grinding over the pain, he quickly put another jab on my side hip. Put some more oilment and gave a good rub. And i was all fixed. He said so cold water and no excersice for the 1 month and no beer (why huh??)
I got out, there i was given 3 types of pills, take once 3 times daily. Paid RM29.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frustrated !

Got back to my usuall socks, once i got it on, obvious it was the better choice, the shoe fit much better, gave better support when i was pounding my foot with 94kgs of weight.
But the feeling wasn't long, just about 15 minutes into the run, claves was aching again, pushed myself to 20 minutes and finnally gave up. Damn...loosing weight is just so frustrating, i'm very angry at myself.

Starting to have serious doubts bout joining IronMan think of if, i have so much to do...honestly, I'm scared.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Made a big mistake last friday, the day i did the 1 hour run.
Firstly, i got a new pair of socks, it was a Adidas, much more thin than the usuall socks i wear. This caused my shoes to be slighty loose, and this thin socks didn't have any paddings such as the older socks. This cause slight pain as i ran, it was just a slight pain, so i just ignored and ran...
Secondly, 15 minutes before the 1hour mark, i did a 5 minute dash, it was at speed 10.5.
Because of these 2, today, i couldn't even run for 10 minutes, both my calves and left foot was aching badly. Was feeling fine the whole weekend, but few minutes on the treadmill and i knew what i had done wrong.
So lesson learnt... never wear anything new that u aren't used to, and never try to push too hard when u arent ready for it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

more on running..

Been slacking the past 2 days. Legs were aching, but managed to hit the treadmill today. Ran for 1 hour, the longest i've ran the past 6 months First 30 minutes at speed 8.0 and the next 30 minutes at 8.5. Hopefully at the end of next week will be running at speed 9. Have a feeling can make it..I know i can !
Weighed in today...hmmm...seems i've lost some weight, probably just water, i weighed after the 1 hour run.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


ran for 40 minutes again today, speed 8.0 for first 20 minutes, then 8.5 for the next 20 minutes. probably about 6km...legs were aching abit, but it was ok...breathing was steady...i'm getting used to it...we'll see how things goes in a weeks time.
got to try running on the road one of these days...running on treadmill is just too comfy...

Monday, June 9, 2008


Training doesn't seem to be going as planned.... went to gym last friday...did a 40 minute run, speed 8.5....probably was about 6 km..legs were aching too much, had to stop...probably because of the weight...94kgs....damn
And today, had late night supper...KFC...damn, food is 50% of the battle !!! Have to change my ways !

Friday, June 6, 2008

the first day..

This is history...first time i'm blogging in my life..... Im doing this so that hopefully someday in the future i can look back and read through the dreams that i have now....the goals that i have set to achive...and maybe, just maybe few other would read this and would get inspired...

So what my goal...simple first, to loose weight, im a good 94kg now, gained about 10kg since 2 months back,thats when i quit smoking for good. Yeap, thats rite, i've been smoking on and for for almost 9 years and decided to quit. But since then i gained some weight.... be an IRONMAN !! and i'm gonna do it in 2009. I know i can !!

I know i can !!