Monday, January 26, 2009

Back 2 back rides.

Saturday morning.
Did a 70k ride. Damn slow, aint even gonna post the stats here.

Sunday, few road bikes gathered at Kluang Tasik.

Left my house in Sri Lalang at 7.45am, suppose to be there at 8.00am, i was late, it was like 8km away, blasted all the was and by the time i got there i was soaked !
Managed to be there at 8.05am and waited for the rest to arrive. We left only at 8.30am.
Headed towards Renggam and the towards Layang-Layang.
The road towards Renggam was ok, just few hill and was kinda keeeping up with the pack, was at the back, but ok la.

The the road towards layang-layang came and i was struggling. Damn hills all the way. Trying so hard not to be left from the pack. Took a quick look at my HRM watch, it was at 190bpm, dah nak mati la wei...
Just about to reach Layang-Layang, guys from Jb were in sight, stop for bout 15 minutes or so, gathered and shooted back to Renggam.

Refuled, bla bla with the guys, lepak to almost 30 minutes and cyclist frm Kluang headed back to Kluang, and the JB guys took the Simpang Renggam-Benut-JB route.


The pic doesnt do juctice.

At Renggam, about the head back to Kluang.

Todays ride;

Total dist : 89.49km
Total time: 3:37
Avg speed : 25.8km/h
Max speed : 63km/h

Thursday, January 22, 2009

wednesday ride

I knew my aim was to do atleast 100k today. But i was sooooooo eager, blasted the first 5 km of the ride and got myself a sore foot. My right foot started to tingle, and that was a bad sign.
At 10k started to feel numbness, had to keep adjusting foot position to avoid the pain for getting worse.

Basicly, todays ride was cut short to a 80k and leart a lesson, never ever hantam so early on any thing.

Here are the stats,
Dist : 84.12km
Time : 3.30
Av sp: 24.0km/h

Plus, my leg pain/groin injury is coming back. Feeling pain on the right side of the groin...

Friday, January 16, 2009

100k ride

As i said, did a 100k ride last Wednesday.

From my house, Sri Lalang, headed to BP, was still feeling ok, so headed towards Muar, turned back at Parit Bintang.
Was feeling ok the first 70k, started to feel pain at the feet. At 80k pain was becoming a issue, at 90k i just wanted to stop.
Forced myself the last 10k, the wind didn't help much either, damn kaw wind, i was pushed off the tarmac 3 times.

Here are the stats;
Dist : 103.56km
Time : 4h 20m
Max speed: 56.7km/h
Average : 23.8km/h

Will do another 100k ride this week. hope so la...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Went for this ride last Friday.
From my house, headed to kluang town, turn back and headed to UTTO in Parit Raja.

Total ride time : 3:05
Avr speed : 26.1km/h
Distance : 80.70km

Could't post the pics, can't find the hp-pc USB cable. Damn hilang already.

I really need to ride 100k+ la... will try to do that this week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Basicly, 2008 came and left just like that. 2 major things happened in 2008,
firstly i stoped smoking. It just happened in a blink, a split decision. I think i was somewhere in May, was out on a date with my EX, in bp mall, and i just decided to throw the pack.
The second major stuff was registering for IM09. Well, we'll now whats come out of that decision really soon.

As for the trainings, well sent the wheelset to TBB, still hasn't come back yet. Almost 2 weeks havent gone on any rides. I miss my porn star !!