Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 Days to go !

Funny, what i've benn training for these past 8 months will be tested this weekend.

Completing IronMan is not all just training, its actually more to mental. The moment u tell yourself that "u can", u are a winner already.
Been enjoying myself these past few days.I feel proud...i know, i should be overly confident.. Reflecting on how i was 1 year ago, to be totally astonished to see IronMan participant, and now, i'm actually doing it !! Creating history, my own history book la, to call myself an IronMan hopefully, and hopefully, come this saturday, an IronMan finisher.
Laid out my gear for the entire race.

For swim - Adidas tights, speedo rift tri power goggles, and maybe gonna bring along the speed biofuse as spare. Still not sure where i'm gonna keep the spare goggles when swimming la.

The bike course - long sleeve cycling jersey, nike pro tights, layer on top will be cycling shorts.

The run/walk/crawl if i have too - nike pro top, will be layered with a normal t (too sexy/FAT), nike fitDry running tights, adidas supernova.

I'm not so worried about being tired, its the chafing that i'm worried about. Thus, all these tight tight clothing.

I've done all that i could have done, what ever happens on race will be just another test.

Friday, February 20, 2009

KL - Kluang

I'm been driving up KL pretty often these few weeks.
Just sent the bike, a.k.a my Porn Star to TBB.

Travelling causing a big hole in the pocket la. One trip up KL cost min RM200...

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm getting nervous.

Here i am, sitting in front of my pc, going through past IM finishers blogs. Reading through their experience, hope i can learn a thing or two.

Whoa...i guess i just got to do it ! I know i can, i keep telling myself that. But deep in side, at the far back corner of my mind, i'm having serious doubts.

I really feel i havent done enough traning. My ! i seldom run. Since i've got my X-Rated girlfriend couple months back, i've been doing very very little running and swimming... gosh...takut siot !!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Damn, i look good !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Broga Classic

The infamous BROGA

Drove up KL last Friday, crashed Stupe's place.

Did the much talked about Broga route on Saturday morning.

Too lazy to write about it.

Here a link to Stupe's blog, read from there la...

And here are some pics i took on the ride...

Stupe said, " we're gonna go up that"
I said, "you're kidding me rite.. ????"
later i found out, he wasn't.

Up all the way..

Sturggled to keep up with Stupe,
and he was actually going really really slow for me!

Great view huh...
I meant Peres !

Here some pic Shazly took.
He's my official photographer for IM09.

My tummy its not that big la...something wrong with the lense.

Feeling a whole lot more confinent finishing IM after this ride.
IM09, here i come.
I know i can.