Saturday, December 27, 2008


At first i was really reluctant to go on this ride. I was told there would be about 10-15 rides. Then i thought, what the hell, can make new friends rite. So got up at 7 am, got ready, drank a shot of protein shake, a cup of oatmeal, got the bike into the car and off i went to T6, its like 20km from my house. I was too lazy to ride there la, plus i was kinda late. We were suppose to meet up there at 7.45am. Managed to reach T6 bout 8.05 and i was suprised, there were well over 20 riders there.

Some hellos, and head nod, i got my bike out and started riding bout 8.30. It seems that more riders were suppose to join along the way. There were 4 riders from Tangkak !

Reached Bandar Tenggara and i counted the bikes, there were like 40, big croud. There were also the Bike Polo Team.

Headed to a mamak stall, refueled and started to journey back.

Basicly it was about 60k plus. This ride was more a leasure ride. Got to meet people and made me forget bout my problem for awhile. Just for awhile only...

Later that evening, bout 6pm drove up to Melaka, my EX was there. Reached there about 7.30pm and had a really long talk with her. Poured my heart out, never done such things to any girl or any living thing. She just listened. Her heart now belongs to someone else she says.

Crap la.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bike ride

Forced myself to go on this ride today. Haven't had the motivation since the dump. I've been blaming the whole traning thing for the breakup actually.

I was concentrating too much on trainings till i just left her hangging alone. Totally my fault, stupid me.
But as i was riding today, i was thinking...why couldnt she understand ? It was not like i was cheating on her ? I was just training for something most people wouldn't even think of doing. She should have been proud of me rite??? What the hell, she left me now.

And another thing, riding back time, one of the spokes broke. Got me freaked out abit. Stoped and called Daniel at TBB, he said it will be ok to ride on. So i just bended the broken spoke and carried on. I know, i'm too fat, need to loose more weight !!! damn...
I know, slow, average 25.6km/h

Fat ass on bike..sure la patah...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New gf

" fren...your gf now is your bike. "

That's the advice i got from a IronMan, iron will,iron heart...
Guess i really have to treat my bike like my gf now.....
Anyway, got to get back riding again. Seriously left if for a week now, got to carry on with the training. Pain day is just too near...takut siot !

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Since i'm been inroduced as the Chicken Egg Man, i think the proper thing to do is to do juctice to that title.

Here are some pic of the farm.

And Introducing CRAZY DATSUN;

Its my younger bro's car. A standard 1100cc 1980 converted to a drifters crazy dutsun..

Any interested sponsers are welcome to contact.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my past.

This is her..
That's me, taken yesterday.


i've left this for a very long time, too long
i've got my bike, its a Planet-X TT carbon chrono.

i can swim 2k under 1 hour these days. May not be so fast, but i'm proud of it.

Been cycling alot alot, thats pretty new.

I've been dumped. Heart broken, Its been 3 days now. I guess now u guys know why i'm back blogging huh. I just got no where elso to let it all out. IM SAD !!! IM BROKEN !!!
I didnt know this at that time... but know only i realise that i was actually sincerely, honestly in love with her. Too late now huh...