Sunday, June 14, 2009

Xterra kuantan

Xterra Kuantan.

Drove to kuantan on friday evening.

Swim part was ok, got my first ever taste of jellyfish stings, didnt feel much pain. Stupe said im too fat, thats why cant feel any pain...probably true.
Came out of water bout 35 minutes...

Wasted lots of time in T1...changing clothes is just a big waste of time.
Bike route was FUNTASTIC ! Never experienced mtb before. Going up and down slippery muddy roads was a totally new experience. The slight rain made things a whole lot fun than i ever imagined. MTB is totally different from roadbikes.

The 10km trail run 10km run la...Running up/down hills aint so easy when weighing almost to 100kgs....damn im fat...

Managed to finish the whole course in bout 4h 50 minutes. I wasn't the last person to cross the finish like !

p/s : Lost my C702 phone race morning. Dumb me to even bring the phone in race morning.