Saturday, March 7, 2009

IRONMAN 09 report

Everything bout Ironman was a first time to me, even the flight to Langkawi was a first time. Was thrilled when the plane blasted off the runway. Accelerated as is i was inside the Crazy Datsun. Upon arriving there, was in deep shock, couldnt belive i was actually gonna be in a race where by i see sooooo many freaking people who are so fit, kept on starring at the calves muscles, damn fit i tell you. But i kept telling myself, it was all bout me, and the race was to test myself, not with others.
On the race day, wasnt really feeling so great. To be honest, i did too long of a tapering, i was totally out of shape...or if u have seen me, totally full of shape, get me ?
Got my all the small things sorted out, pumped the tyres, was all set by 7.15 and didnt know what to do already. Walking around aimlessly. Swim started at 7.45, didnt even hear the gun go off actually, was way at the back looking at the crowd, suddenly realized people started to jump in already, and so did i. Only after jumping in i started my stopwatch, was cursing myself at time already. Kept telling myself to pace, never tekan, so i swam as i swam in the pool, calm as i could. But let me tell u, there, no kesian at all, i was kicked so many times i actually stoped and waited a few assholes to pass me, i moved far left away from the buoy to avoid the crowd, but soon realized i had to get back near the buoy, my navigation was totally out. At the turning point, looked at my watch, 55 min, i was happy, adjusted the googgle, and returned back. Total swim time 1h 38m. I was suprised.. was fooling, asking for beer from bandit and mervin as i made my way to T1.
Wasted too much time in T1, lesson learned, took too much time to make sure i had everything on. The bike course was confusing, i did the first loop with much easy, was feeling great, then the second loop was ok too. The third loop was starting to be a struggle, the pain on the feet was coming and crapms were setting in. Stoped at the aid station, for the spray thinging, was a bad call, once i stoped, the cramps got worse. At the final loop, i was basicly alone, some juntions didnt have marshal maning the directions. Fucked up organisers ! I was kinda suprised that almost everyone over too me during the bike, i didnt even see them la !

At T2, kept telling myself this is still very possible, i made the cut off time, everyone kept saying if i can make the bike cut offf time, i surely can finish the 42k just by walking, so i was still so confident of making it.

So the fisrt loop was bits of walking and bit of slow jog, the second loop was almost all walk, at the 3rd loop i was in total pain, my energy level was ok, cramps were no where to been felt, its the feet. Blisters was all over the toes. Stoped at the aid station on the 3rd loop to get some help, Dr Wong was there, she's a looker, actually cause of her i stoped la.

Dr Wong did a good job eh ??

At 4th loop i almost gave up, i was basicly walking alone and was at the brink of giving up, thats when Bandit showed up, he helped my. Ran with me, i was actually making better timing, all along the way, we were culculating the amount time left, time needed to make the u-turn. At the final U-turn, we had about 30minutes , that 6km to go. I knew it was gonna be hard, i was thinking of all the time put in already, i was even thinking of all the excuse to give if i dont make the 17hours cut off time. But then, i told myself, it too close, way to close to admit defeat, i was still totally possible, so i pushed, pushed like never done before. Near the final check point, i saw few people walking, i went pass them, was confident already, then i saw Ishal, his jiggy walk damn fast, couldnt catch up. Along the was TBS also ran with me, thanks bro. Final 100m dash...and i did it.

The most satisfying moment in my life. No words can describe it.

I knew I can.
I've got to thank many of u that helped me. U know who you are. Thank you guys !!!


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

OP Ee-Van told me that yr IM was yr first Tri? thatz cool man=) congratz that u made it, i saw u running in with Ishal at the junction..=)

Stupe said...

cograts irontelur. You got two ig ironeggs between your legs.

your pics are all over TBB, thanks to Mac!

barath said...

jun shen - thanks ! learnt alot on my first tri, things would be better the next times.

stupe - seriously all over TBB ar ? i thought u were kidding.

FG said...

congrats, better late than never!
FG (Suresh's running buddy)